Ski Zones

Water skiing takes place on certain reaches of the Rivers Yare and Waveney at certain times as shown on the link below. A lot of the zones have different times, so be sure to check them out !

The Broads Authority has completed an interim risk assessment for water skiing and concluded the signage will be upgraded. At each water skiing area these signs will mark the start and finish of the area, along with signs explaining the times at which skiing is permitted.


What To Do When Cruising through A Water Ski Area

Extreme caution skier in water

  1. Keep to the right hand side of the river whenever possible.
  2. Keep a constant course and speed. Stop only to avoid collision or a skier in the water.
    Ski boats are faster and more manoeuvrable and will keep out of your way !
  3. On seeing a yellow flag please slow down, give the ski boat a wide berth and keep extra look out for skiers in water.
  4. If you have problems or feel that skiers have behaved irresponsibly, note the boat name or number and report to the Broads Authority River Control, 01603 625091.

SKI MAP Ski areas Incl Breydon

SKI MAP Appendix 2

SKI MAP Appendix 1 Ski areas

SKI MAP Appendix 3 Breydon Water